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See the Oak Park Illinois heritage of Frank Lloyd Wright from a pedicab!
Family-friendly tours available from the Oak Park Visitors Center, 1010 Lake Street.

About Rickshaw Rick

Hi. I’m Rick Carter, founder and operator of Rickshaw Rick’s Tours and Taxi. For nearly a decade I looked for connections between fun, fitness and finances. There are, of course, many, but none seemed to click for me.

Then it happened. During the Sydney Summer Olympic Games I noticed these cool looking pedal-powered machines roaming throughout the Olympic Village. NBC would highlight the Yahoo.com adds prominantly displayed on the back of these odd looking vehicles as they were going in and out of commercial breaks. Things began to click and the idea of how all of this might come together began to take shape.

Rickshaw Rick’s Tours and Taxi current fleet of rickshaw pedicabs of various global origins will continue to grow as more and more of you discover this totally valid option to driving short distances. While our current gas prices may rise or fall as the political winds blow we can rely on the fact that fossil fuels will run out and they do add pollutants to our air supply and compromise other aspects of our environment in their creation.

We’ve grown acustomed as a nation to focusing on a problem just long enough to make the pain bearable, but it still hurts. Wouldn’t it be nice to move past that point, just once?

Don’t worry, folks. We’re not looking to create a political focus group here. Please think of us as your company for Fun in the Sun, or rain, for that matter! But do remember that using our pedicabs can also, coincidentally, go a long way towards redirecting our thoughts about energy saving and the overall health of our economy AND our environment. Join us and see for your self how much fun making a difference can be.

It is this unique combination of something that is fun, promotes fitness, and is financially viable that I hoped to find. The fact that it may benefit many in suprisingly simple ways is what brings me great pride. Imagine, such a simple idea with so many potential connections between diverse and complex segments of our world. Kind of makes you feel hopeful for a few minutes...or even longer. That hopeful feeling is what is at the heart of our motto:

It sounds, and IS, very simple, but is also full of potential energy. Energy we are happy to share one ride at a time.

Thanks for your visit and your interest in fun-loving, fuel free transit.