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See the Oak Park Illinois heritage of Frank Lloyd Wright from a pedicab!
Family-friendly tours available from the Oak Park Visitors Center, 1010 Lake Street.

Transport Services

Tours and services are available via rickshaw, walking, biking, e-car or step-on guided tours. While the touring season is typically Earth Day (April 22) through Halloween (October 31) we welcome your inquiries year-round. Are you curious about a customized adventure for your family/group? Just call or click. It’s the first step to best time you’ve yet to have!

Pedicab - Rickshaw

This is our specialty and how our business began. See all the Frank Lloyd Wright you can stand to see while sitting down and riding in style aboard our eco-friendly bicycle rickshaws (aka pedicabs). Relax and enjoy as our historic neighborhoods reveal a century of architectural evolution unfolding scenic block after block. We can pick you up at any of our awesome local B & B’s or hotels or anywhere else for that matter. If you’re staying in Downtown Chicago and want an amazing and hassle-free Oak Park day-trip call or click and we can pick you up at the local CTA Green or Blue Line stops. Metra too! Can we make it any easier for you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Oak Park area? We doubt it, but we’re happy to hear any ideas you may have. Our fun-loving, fuel-free rickshaws typically carry two adult passengers comfortably. Kids under 4 ft can ride on a lap at no charge (limit 2 per rickshaw). Got a group of more than two? Talk to us. We have options. Speaking of, we have a variety of tours ranging from 30 minutes seeing 10 FLW structures to 4 hours seeing all 35 plus an option for lunch and/or a spa! (Talk about all the Wright Stuff!) Please make your reservations by phone or on our web site and please allow at least 2 hours notice.


Experience the sights and sounds of these beautiful neighborhoods like one of their own inhabitants. Meet the colorful and always interesting characters who comprised our most famous historic neighborhoods and lived in some of their most historic homes. Imagine keeping up with the Jones when the Jones were the Wrights, the Gales or the Hemingways. Perhaps you’d like to visit the final neighborhood of many of our beloved early movers and shakers? Beautiful Forest Home Cemetery is a short bike/rickshaw ride away and a very pleasant and revealing walk through time. Add a walking component to any other tour package you wish and we’ll work out the details with you. We love options and hope you do too. Please make your reservations by phone or on our web site and please allow at least 2 hours notice.


Enjoy the finest neighborhoods in the area on a breath-taking ride through time itself. See as many FLW structures as you wish (up to 35) as well as many offerings by his contemporaries, pupils and rivals as you ride through several historic and business districts. Need a bike? No worries. Rent one (or many) at Greenline Wheels just south of the Green Line stop in Downtown Oak Park. Helmets and specialty equipment are available to so let’s get going and make some smiles today! Please make your reservations by phone or on our web site and please allow at least 2 hours notice.

Step-on Guide

If you’re planning a group visit to the Oak Park area we’ll be happy to offer you an eco-friendly hand and show you what all the fuss is about. Whether we join you aboard your charter coach or lead your group off the bus to explore our history-filled neighborhoods up close and personally, you simply can’t go wrong with Rickshaw Rick’s Tours & Taxi. Should any of your group require special assistance don’t forget we can offer support in a variety of ways. We can provide your guests with rickshaws, bicycles or e-cars to make sure that everyone has a chance to enjoy the beauty of our neighborhoods and the warmth and charm of our business districts in comfort and style. Of course we’re happy to oblige if you prefer a good old-fashioned walking tour as well. Please make your reservations by phone or on our web site and please allow at least 2 weeks notice. Curious about a customized adventure for your group outing? Just call or click. It’s the first step towards the best visit you’ve yet to make!

Pedicab Service

The fare is hourly, per adult passenger:

Charter Service

The fare is hourly, per vehicle:

Charter service may include a transport fee or a standing time fee.


The fare is the same as pedicab service.