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See the Oak Park Illinois heritage of Frank Lloyd Wright from a pedicab!
Family-friendly tours available from the Oak Park Visitors Center, 1010 Lake Street.

Additional, Optional Fees

We will provide you with the best service and most fun possible for your special event, at the lowest cost. The fees below may or may not be applicable to the services you request. We disclose these, up-front, so you won’t think we invented them just for you.

Media Fee

If you request custom signs or shrink-wrapped advertising on pedicabs for a special event, please contact us for a quotation.

Standing Time Fee

You know how you hate it when your boss tells you to do stuff, but you don’t get extra pay for it? We, too. If your event requires only pick-up and drop-off, or pedicabbies must remain on-site without anyone to transport, we may charge you for standing time.

Transport Fee

If we must deliver pedicabs and pedicabbies to a location distant from our Oak Park home base, we may charge you for transportation costs.


Pedicabbies are pleased to accept gratuities for a job well done, especially on a very hot, cold, or rainy day.