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See the Oak Park Illinois heritage of Frank Lloyd Wright from a pedicab!
Family-friendly tours available from the Oak Park Visitors Center, 1010 Lake Street.

Tours of Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture

Rickshaw Rick’s Tours & Taxi is proud to offer the most complete and diversified assortment of guided Frank Lloyd Wright Tours available.

Tours begin at:

or wherever else you arrange for pickup, at the fares shown below. Visit all of these great attractions with a Persistent Pedicab Pass! Travel from point to point, alighting where you wish, and resuming your tour later on.

Let us take you for a ride! We mean that in the nicest possible way:

Three major pedicab tour options - transportation options per above:

  1. FLW Block Party - Forest Ave plus Home & Studio w/12 FLWs - $30 per person
  2. I’m Loving Frank - FLW Historic Dist plus Cheney Home plus Hemingway Boyhood Home w/19 FLWs - $45 per person
  3. River Forest Wrights - River Forest Historic District with 22 FLWs - $45 per person

Combo Tours:

FLW Taxi Tour - 30 minutes

Headed to Oak Park to explore the works of Frank Lloyd Wright? Join us for a delightful tour that will familiarize you with Wright's neighborhood and introduce you to the architectural laboratory that is the Frank Lloyd Wright Historic District. Experience the growth and development of the Age of Modern Architecture as you witness such Wright benchmarks as his very first Home & Studio where he would spend the first 20 years of his career, the first true Prairie-style home built in Oak Park and the early predecessor of his truly amazing Falling Water. All this and more as you tour the street with more FLW structures (8 in all) than any other street in the world, Wright’s very own Forest Avenue. Rickshaw Rick's can even pick you up at the train and tour you up to the Home & Studio or vice-versa if time is an issue.

Frank Lloyd Wright Block Party - 1 hour

Witness a century of architectural evolution in about an hour! This tour features 12 breath-taking FLW structures including three of his infamous "bootleg houses" as well as one of the first homes of his solo career. Trace the important benchmarks of Wright's career as you meet the people who would help to shape his career by their support or, in some cases, rejection of his ideas, the wealthy and influential neighbors of Frank Lloyd Wright. This is an architectural block party you won't want to miss!

Frank Lloyd Wright Historic District - 1.5 hours

Welcome to the cradle of American architecture, the home of the Prairie style! Expand your tour to include no less than 14 FLW structures and many more of his contemporaries, pupils and rivals. Explore the highest concentration of FLW structures on the planet as you chronicle the evolution of one of the most remarkable developments of our modern era, the Prairie style. Trace this progress along side Wright’s own growth as you see his first creation, his Home & Studio, as well as several of his early boot-leg projects, the wonders of the Wright Triangle and his triumphant Jewel Box, the Unity Temple.

I’m Loving Frank - 1.5 hours

Explore the not-so-public, or as some would say all-too-public, side of Wright’s story on this tour of the main FLW Historic District and the smaller but equally interesting Ridgeland Historic district nearby. Here you will observe more FLW structures (a total of 19), including the infamous Edwin and Mamah Cheney Home, and the only two homes Wright would be commisioned to build in Oak Park after his “European vacation”. An inspiring tour for fans of the popular novel, Loving Frank, or for those devoted to the architect and his works.

Wright’s Oak Park - 2.5 hours

This deluxe tour of three overlapping historic districts takes you to see no less than 25 FLW structures. Discover the first and last homes Wright built in the area as well as many historic and personal benchmarks along the way. You’ll follow the path of many of Wright’s contemporaries, pupils and rivals including his arch-rival E. E. Roberts. Witness the evolution of modern architecture as measured by the homes designed and built for the elite and would-be-elite of Chicago, the newly emerging King of American cities at the turn of the century. These settlers and entrepreneurs were leading the waves of suburban migration during the Industrial Revolution which thrust the post-Chicago-Fire economy into high gear and changed the area from farm land to neighborhoods of American aristocrats within a decade. See first hand how these Prairie Masters, Wright and Roberts, crafted totally different careers working their way through block after block of suburban developments and precedent setting achievements yet still could never escape one another’s presence or legacies. Come explore their personal and architectural battlefields and revel in the results.

River Forest Wrights - 1.5 hours

Experience the development of Wright’s Prairie experiments in the wide open spaces of historic River Forest where 8 more FLW structures await (22 total on this tour). Surrounded by wooded groves and bordered by the hearty Des Plaines River, this early community was the perfect backdrop for the growing Prairie School and the architects who would build it. Highlights include one of Wright’s earliest achievements, the William Winslow home, as well as an interesting foray into English Cottage style and the local tennis club he would build and enjoy as a member. See for yourself why it was impossible to ignore Nature's whisper to “Go West, young Frank.”

FLW-The Ultimate Experience - 3.5 hours

Also known as ALL the Wright Stuff, this tour offers the discerning Wright aficionado the opportunity to experience all 35 FLW structures in the Oak Park and River Forest area. You will follow the development of Wright, architecture in general and the rebirth of Chicago after The Great Fire simultaneously against the backdrop of westward migration, the Industrial Revolution and a newly emerging social class of successful American entrepreneurs as you visit multiple historic districts and experience the works of Wright, his contemporaries, his pupils and his rivals, not the least of which was the formidable E. E. Roberts, who left us more than 350 structures. Gain a deeper understanding of the context in which our self-proclaimed genius lived, loved and grew for the first 20 years of his career and how it shaped his ideas and seemingly tireless spirit beyond his Oak Park days. Should your spirit not be quite as tireless this tour offers the refreshing option of stopping to enjoy a local spa and/or lunch. The time for lunch/spa is not part of the estimated tour time, so let Rickshaw Rick help you plan your day accordingly.